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Litigation Support Services:


The mission of litigation support services and consultants is to provide the legal field with a wide range of services for litigation preparedness.

Litigation support refers to all activities designed to prepare lawyers, law firms and legal departments to try a case, which includes, real estate appraisal and consulting, document review, and case preparation.


In constantly evolving real estate markets, litigation and environmental services are increasingly in demand. To meet that demand, Missouri Property Appraisal, Inc.’s seasoned staff offers professional litigation services:

·  Forensic Appraisal Review

·  Expert Testimony

·  Eminent Domain

·  Arbitration Services and Mediation

·  Partial Interest Valuation

·  Settle Disputes

·  Valuation of Partial Interests

·  Portfolio Valuation

·  Estate Valuation

·  Property Tax Appeal

·  Liquidation or Forced Sale Analysis