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By placing an order with Missouri Property Appraisal, Inc. (MPA), the above-listed client, or its agent (client), is hereby accepting responsibility for any charges incurred hereafter, including, but not limited to, site visit fees generated for cancellation of an order after the appraiser has inspected the subject property. Acceptance of this assignment is contingent upon the establishment of credit with MPA, or by the agreement between the client and MPA over the collection of pre-paid funds for this appraisal assignment, either via check from the client received prior to the property inspection or via collection from the borrower/client at the time of inspection. Any speculated value amount listed on this order form will be regarded as the client's objectives or someone else's opinion, and not a condition of the client's placement of this assignment with MPA. Further, with respect to notifying the client if it is not possible to support a value at or above the value indicated, the request is acknowledged, but does not establish a "condition" for MPA performing the appraisal. However, if that amount is a condition of this assignment, accepting an assignment under that condition violates professional ethics and may be construed as an unacceptable appraisal condition under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). In the absence of any response to the contrary, MPA will proceed assuming the former of the above rather than the latter.