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Employee Relocation (ERC) Appraisal Services


Relocation appraisals are specialized appraisal used to estimate the anticipated sale price of a relocating employee's home.  The values derived from an Employee Relocation Council (ERC) report are used to determine the buyout offer the employee receives. 


Since these reports are designed for the appraiser to arrive at an opinion of  the anticipated sale price within a specified period of market exposure rather than the most probable market value, they have some marked differences from a "conventional" appraisal.


ERC appraisal reports use not only comparable sales data, but also compare the subject property with other homes currently listed to more fully measure the competitive marketing environment.  This report also calls upon the appraiser to comment on improvements or repairs which would make the property more saleable.


Missouri Property Appraisal, Inc. provides ERC appraisals throughout its extensive service area.